Professionally tailored video that captures the story of your life



  • Your fondest memories, recollections and experiences, described by you – interview-style, on-camera.
  • Your views and observations on things that are important to you
  • The events, adventures, celebrations and tribulations that shaped your life
  • Thoughts and advice for your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces

Shot in High-Definition and directed by one of the most experienced video producers in Northland, your Private Documentary will be unique and exclusive to you.

The interview–led style makes it easy for you to relax, and removes a lot of the nerves of being filmed.

Include cherished photographs, old diary entries (read by you, on-camera) plus additional on-camera interviews with family, friends and colleagues.

My Private Documentary - a celebration of your life and career, captured on video for all time.

How it works

Depending on your requirements, your Private Documentary will take, on average, 5-7 days to arrange, film and edit together all the footage.

The first step is to have a no-obligation discussion with Harley Alexander, the director, who will recommend the best way to tell your story using a compelling and engaging narrative style.

The next step will be to interview you on-camera. We will prompt you with key questions about events you want to talk about. For example, once the camera is rolling we might ask: ”What influences helped you shape your life?” or “Describe the moment you met your future husband.” Then, the floor is yours! It usually takes about a day to capture all the footage we need, and we will only include the good stuff in the final edit. We can also integrate photographs and other compelling visual components to help enhance and tell your story.

Finally, 3 to 4 days of editing and crafting the footage will round off the process – then, hey presto! – you have your very own Private Documentary!

How much will it cost?

Your Private Documentary can be scaled in scope depending on your requirements and budget.

The basic package includes an on-camera interview at the location of your choice (please note: travel to locations outside of Northland will incur additional costs)

The interview will be shot using two High-Definition cameras with professional lighting and sound recording.

You can chose to include up to 15 photographs or other visual components to be integrated into your private documentary.

The finished video will then be delivered on DVD.

This basic package involves around 5-7 days of production (two days organising logistics; one day of filming, and three days of editing).


The total cost is dependent on the scope, length and logistical requirements of your documentary.

If you require additional interviews at different locations, or additional filming (for example, aerial footage of your home and garden, factory, farm, orchard etc.) then we can advise on the costs for those extra elements.


Harley Alexander


Landline: +64 (0)9 407 9836

Mobile +64 (0)21 747 981


My Private Documentary is a venture of Creative Cavalry, a Northland-based video production agency located in New Zealand.

Creative Cavalry’s Harley Alexander is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked for major broadcasters and video production agencies in London, Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong for over 25 years.

His credits as a director include corporate video work for KPMG and HSBC (Hong Kong) and Ecomist (NZ).

He has also produced hundreds of on-air promos and trailers for broadcasters such as ITV Studios and SKY (UK), Network TEN and Foxtel (Australia) TV3 and TVNZ (New Zealand) -- and has held senior marketing roles for global brands such as National Geographic Channel (NGCI) and The Associated Press (AP).

A short film he wrote and directed won the Best International Drama Award at the 2014 Twickenham Film Festival in London, UK.

Harley will use well-established visual story-telling techniques to create your private documentary. You'll love the result.